Holy Ship! Can I please not pay for shipping?

Pick Up DD Worm Castings Locally to Avoid Expensive Shipping

Shipping costs a shipload! Pick up worm castings locally to sidestep UPS completely. Available for pickup in select Wisconsin locations:

Worm Castings Pickup Locations in Wisconsin

Save Big $$$ Picking Up Farm Direct

  • 20 lb bags
    • $15/bag is only the price for online orders.
    • Retail distributors are suggested to sell for $12/bag.
    • Local pickup/farm direct discounts: under 5 bags, it's $12/bag, then buy the fifth for just $2 (5 bags for $50). When buying over 5 bags, the price is $10/bag. Buy 15 bags get 5 free (20 bags for $150, or $7.50/bag; offer only applies every 15 bags). Nobody else offers a deal this amazing. If you're a Wisconsite, you best take advantage before our supply is depleted. *Deals exclusive to local pickup.
  • Need more info? Call Dirt Dynasty! We might not be your whiny ex-girlfriend, but we're still asking you to call us. (414) 531-1718 is all you have to dial. You'll be shocked at how quickly simple farmers can crunch the numbers for you regarding discounted bulk orders. We'll even give you some instructions on how best to use it!

Ask Your Local Retailer About Dirt Dynasty

We're currently working with Wisconsin nurseries and will be providing more and more local pickup locations in the greater Milwaukee area. Ask your local retailer about Dirt Dynasty (there's a good chance we'll be carrying it there soon, especially if you request to your preferred garden center that Dirt Dynasty be sold there). If you're near Milwaukee, don't mail order anything more than a sample. Try it, love it, and then get your butt over to either our farm or a retailer. Your wallet will thank you.

If you're not a cheesehead, these worm castings are still easily worth the extra cost of shipping. Try them out first. When you see what Dirt Dynasty vermicast does for your plants, you'll be hooked.

Shipping Times Destination Transit Days Zip Code
Grow Large Flowers Los Angeles, CA
4 90001
Establish Exotic Plants Houston, TX
3 77001
Grow More Medical Marijuana Denver, CO
3 80201
Healthier Indoor Plants New York City, NY
3 11201
Grow Healthy Mushrooms Detroit, MI
2 48201
Grow Strong Trees Joliet, IN
1 60431
Sprout Healthy Seeds Bayfield, WI
1 54814
Grow Any Plant Larger Nashville, TN
2 37115
Native Species and Transplants Santa Fe, NM
4 87501

Call (414) 531-1718 and let us know how much worm castings you need!

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