Organic Vermicast for MMJ Growers

Grow Marijuana Faster and Healthier with Worm Castings

Growing Tip: Remember, worm poop only works on legal marijuana plants. Outside of these states it will spontaneously evaporate and/or lead to hard drug use.

Cannabis growers love these worm castings - from commercial operations to home growers. Dirt Dynasty vermicast is highly effective whether your operation calls for 400 lbs or 20.

Here's why:

Vermicast Stimulates Growth Naturally
Faster growing cannabis plants are the most basic benefit - without the need for harmful chemicals. Harsh fertilizers will burn your weed in all the wrong ways. Worm castings are safe to place right up to the base of the plant.

It Protects Against Disease
Not for you, for the plants. Worm castings are ripe with helpful microbes, all fighting for space against the harmful pathogenic ones.

It Doesn't Stink
For real - the ingredients for worm compost start out kind of smelly, but the completed product (pure worm castings) smells like fresh earthy dirt. Your grandma has worse smelling potpourri in her bathroom.

Other animal manures aren't so kind. To be blunt, they reek, burn your plants, and can even make someone sick if you aren't careful. You don't want cow manure going from your buds to your taste buds. Not speaking from personal experience.

We've Perfected our Blend
We're constantly tinkering with our worm food (and environmental conditions) to produce the most nutritious worm castings possible.

Dirt Dynasty is the good sh*t. Plants want it, and other worm turds want to be it.

Get a great deal
on worm castings
Awe  yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Worm Castings Fertilizer in Higher Demand

Vermicompost for GrassFertilize Your PotWeed Vermicompost

The recent legalization of marijuana in a few states for recreational and medical use has many growers looking for improved yields and quality. Nutrient-rich worm castings are becoming an increasingly important part of the marijuana cultivation industry. Read more about how to use worm castings fertilizer.

Boutique growers all have their own unique soil blends, and worm castings figure prominently in the mix. The standard ratio is 25% castings and 75% soil, although many growers supplement their mix with bat guano, Epsom salts and other natural additives. Others swear by a blend of worm castings and compost. Regardless of the specific blend, the phytohormones in worm castings increase germination and growth rates, while the microbial organisms worm castings introduced to the soil strengthen plants’ resistance to disease.

Because worm castings will never burn a plant, marijuana can even be grown directly in worm castings – although this is not a particularly cost-effective method. If plants are already established, you can achieve excellent results with just a quarter inch of castings sprinkled on top of the soil. This application will feed a plant for approximately 2 months.

Organic Worm Castings Tea for Marijuana

Worm castings can be easily dissolved in water to make Worm Castings Tea. This allows you to fertilize without bulking up your soil. The tea can also be sprayed directly on to leaves. Since liquids are absorbed more readily than solid fertilizer, you will see results much quicker. 

Marijuana growers have seen astonishingly lush growth with applications of worm castings tea. The natural phytohormones in worm castings boost plant growth, while the beneficial microorganisms help prevent disease. Most growers use worm castings tea throughout the vegetative and flowering cycles to help protect the plants from pests and disease. However, growers usually stop fertilizing shortly before harvest because increased foliage growth will slow resin production.

Experienced gardeners and growers all have their own preferred recipes for worm castings tea. If you talk to other growers, you’re sure to find variations on the basic recipes.

Buy worm castings from Dirt Dynasty today to grow healthy medical or recreational marijuana.


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