How to Use Worm Castings Fertilizer

Vermicompost Is Flexible and Easy to Apply

Worm castings fertilizer is easy to use and virtually impossible to overuse. Vermicompost will not burn your plants like chemical fertilizers can. This organic fertilizer really is foolproof. It works great outdoors for any gardens, is safe indoors for house plants, and will generally go about twice as far as ordinary compost.

You don’t have to use worm castings fertilizer immediately either. You can order our vermicast fertilizer now for application next spring. If you don’t use an air tight container, worm castings should remain effective for approximately a year. Don’t let the vermicompost dry out - it will resist wetting and be less effective.

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Worm Casting Fertilizer Has an Endless Number of Safe and Effective Uses

Here are just a few of the many ways vermicompost can be applied:

Worms and Worm Castings for Shrubs and VeggiesGARDENS: Use vermicast fertilizer from Dirt Dynasty much like compost, lightly digging it into the topsoil around plants. Blend it with regular compost. This fertilizer will generally be best with a 50% blend. You can use more, but the results will not necessarily improve with the added quantity. Just experiment with different quantities until you find the right mix for your garden. A good rule is three pounds of worm castings for every 100 feet of garden. During the growing season, you might want to sprinkle a little more every couple of months. Monitor plant growth to determine the best approach.

SEEDLINGS: Parents give vitamins to children or grandchildren. Why not do the same for your seedlings? Natural, organic worm castings are a wonderful way to give seedlings a great start in life. When potting, it’s best to blend worm castings fertilizer with other compost or soil. Many gardeners get excellent results by using about 25% worm casting fertilizer. Scientists have studied worm castings and discovered more nutrients than are in topsoil – as well as much more calcium, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous. Also, when worms ingest organic matter, their castings have 10 to 20 times higher microbial activity. This helps your seedlings resist disease, now and later.

CITY DWELLERS: Vermicast fertilizer is especially wonderful if you don’t have a lot of garden space. You can grow gorgeous flowers or delicious vegetables, even in limited space. Just use vermicompost. It’s just like having your own compost pile.

TRANSPLANTS: Worm casting fertilizer has already given your seedlings a nice childhood. Now just sprinkle a handful of vermicompost at the bottom of each hole when you give your seedling its new home. The worm castings fertilizer will keep your plants growing healthy and strong.

CANNABIS PLANTS: Worm castings for growing marijuana are also very effective. Although this may vary with type of soil and weather conditions, many marijuana growers achieve excellent results with a 50-50 blend of Dirt Dynasty worm fertilizer and regular compost. The two work well together, augmenting each other. Applying worm castings fertilizer in this manner will usually achieve larger and healthier plant growth.

LAWNS: If seeding a new lawn, put on about 10 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. of lawn. Work it into the topsoil with grass seed mixed right in. If you have an established lawn, use the same amount (10 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. of lawn) as top dress. For either new or old lawns, make sure to water well. You’ll be shocked at the beautiful color and thick growth.

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