Our Worms (African Night Crawlers)

The Vermicomposting Worms of Dirt Dynasty

African Night Crawler for Vermicomposting

Dirt Dynasty is now home to approximately 160,000 African Night Crawlers, aka Eudrilus Eugeniae.

They spend their day foraging around in their bins and consuming more than their body weight in organic matter. About the same amount comes out the other end in the form of nutrient-rich worm castings – the highest quality organic fertilizer known to man.

This natural worm castings fertilizer beats the crap out of synthetic fertilizers. Worms are not pests, they are the reason the best-tasting crops taste as juicy and fresh as they possible they can.

Worm Castings Fertilizer Beats Synthetic Because it's:

    • All-natural, non-toxic, 100% organic
    • Requires no special handling
    • 1-0-0 NPK ratio good for all stages of plant growth
    • Contains important trace minerals and plant growth hormones not found in commercial fertilizers or manure
    • Will not burn plants
    • Helps soil retain water
    • Micro-organisms enrich soil and help plants ward off disease
    • Can be easily made into a liquid fertilizer
    • Contains worm cocoons, which lead to more worms in soil
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Great Worm Manure Comes from Happy Worms

Worms aren’t exactly fussy (OK, worms can be fussy), but they do require daily feeding and the right conditions in order to thrive. With proper care, worms can live as long as 8 years. And proper care is just what they get at Dirt Dynasty.

Since worms are cold-blooded, we carefully monitor the temperature to keep it in a comfortable range. We also keep our worm bins a little moist. Worms like moist conditions because their bodies are 70-90% water. Worms take in oxygen through their skin, so they suffocate if their skin dries out. Worms are also light-sensitive, so we keep their bins covered so they can feel comfortable coming to the surface of the dirt once in a while.

Diet is very important. One of the reasons you can count on the quality of Dirt Dynasty worm castings is the fact we feed the worms some of the best organic soil in the world – black organic peat humus. The humus, along with a carefully formulated food ration, form the backbone of our castings. The worms feed on the ration and organic matter in the humus, and the nutrients are then digested in their intestine and excreted as worm castings.

We do everything we can to keep our worms healthy, happy, and regular. And you can bet if some researcher shows worms poop more if they’re read bedtime stories every night, Kris and Hardy will get out their Cat in the Hat books and read to them.

Purchase organic worm castings fertilizer from the experts at Dirt Dynasty.
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