Vermicast Keeps Trees Rooting for You

Worm Castings: Nature’s Most Powerful Fertilizer

Worm castings will get even the scrawniest seedlings off to a strong start and give established trees the nutrients they need to thrive. Vermicompost is great for commercial growers or homeowners with a DIY landscaping project.

Dirt Dynasty worm castings are nature’s perfect fertilizer. 

Trees benefit from vermicast fertilizer because:

  • Vital nutrients are released from worm castings over time and are absorbed into the tree root system
  • Natural growth hormones and microbial organisms from vermicompost is absorbed by the tree and helps fight disease
  • Soil moisture is retained
  • Vermicast fertilizer does not burn plants or harm humans

There are also as many as 1.5 billion safe and natural bacteria and fungi in a single cubic inch of Dirt Dynasty worm castings. This bacteria and fungi help plants resist disease.

Using worm castings to fertilize trees couldn't be easier. Simply surround your saplings with an inch-thick layer of worm casting fertilizer and gently work it into the topsoil. You will want to keep it from getting too close to the trunk of the tree, though, because worm castings retain moisture. Too much moisture near the trunk could lead to wood rot. Established trees should be fertilized in this manner once per season.

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Vermicast Fertilizer Helps Trees Above and Below Ground

Vermicast Tree FertilizerThe outward appearance of a tree can tell you a lot about what’s going on underground, where most of the really important growth and development occurs. Without strong roots and fertile soil, trees grow slowly and are more susceptible to disease. Regular applications of worm castings can make a huge difference.

Worm castings deliver readily absorbed nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the root structure of trees. A strong and deep root system helps trees absorb nutrients and moisture from deeper in the earth, which is particularly critical during dry spells.

Tree nurseries and home gardeners alike have found tremendous success with worm castings from Dirt Dynasty. Earthworms ARE good!

Worm Casting Tea Does a Tree Good

Worm casting tea is an extremely powerful tonic for trees. Essentially, it is a liquid fertilizer – which means it is easily absorbed by the tree’s root system or its leaves (assuming those leaves are within reach of a sprayer, of course).

For mature trees, pour two to three cups for each inch of a tree’s diameter around the trunk of the tree. For smaller trees or saplings, you can also use a sprayer to administer the worm castings tea directly onto the tree’s leaves. You’ll want to do this in the early morning or late evening, though. If you apply it in the heat of the day, under a blistering sun, it will evaporate before the leaves can absorb all the nutrients.

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