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The Extra Cost Is Like a Wolf in Ship's Clothing

UPS'ing vermicast fertilizer is a little pricey. You can see the cost hike when you add worm castings to your cart. So avoid the high shipping costs by picking up farm direct.

Pick Up DD Worm Dirt Locally

Shipping no longer has to cost a shipload! Pick it up locally to sidestep UPS completely. We're currently working with several local Wisconsin retailers and nurseries to provide more and more local vermicast pickup throughout Milwaukee and Madison. If you're near either city, don't mail order anything more than a sample. Drive to Slinger instead!

Call (414) 531-1718 and we'll let you know where to go.

Try it, love it, and then get your butt over to one of our vermicast pickup sites. Your wallet will thank you.

Worm Castings
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100% Organic Worm Castings: Nature’s Best Fertilizer!

Grow Better Plants with the Worm Castings Fertilizer Nature Designed!

Worm castings fertilizer from Dirt Dynasty makes your plants grow better for three reasons:

It has Nutrients & Minerals: Our worm castings are kept nutritionally rich by feeding the worms a carefully regulated diet, containing everything your plants need. Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, as well as trace iron, copper, zinc, boron, magnesium, and other plant food must-haves.

It has Microorganisms: About half of the mass of worm castings is comprised of beneficial bacteria. You heard it right – worm casting fertilizer isn't just rich with bacteria, it mostly is bacteria. Worm castings also contain helpful protozoa, mold and fungus.

These vermicast microorganisms improve plant health by producing phytohormones, breaking down organic material, and making those nutrients bioavailable.

It's Organic: Dirt Dynasty worm castings do not contain pesticides, artificial hormones, corrosive substances, or whatever freaky chemicals they're asking you to spread around your tomato plants these days. Frankly we wouldn't touch that crap – and mind you this is coming from guys who touch a good deal of crap.

Oh, and our worms don't have donkey genes. No GMO.

Vermicompost Fertilizer vs. Synthetic Fertilizer

Dirt Dynasty's vermicomposting worms naturally produce the world's best fertilizer just by living, eating and pooping. Plants depend on natural worm castings for nutrition and microbial health. Artificial fertilizer companies still have not been able to develop a better fertilizer.

Unlike other fertilizers, vermicompost is odorless, non-toxic, long lasting and will not burn plants no matter how heavy-handed your application. Using our organic worm castings, you can apply less fertilizer less often and get better growth with no stinky fertilizer smell.

Our castings are so good, it only takes about a tablespoon full to power a small potted plant for two months.

Our All-Natural, Organic Worm Casting Fertilizer is:

  • Non-toxic, chemical-free
  • Non-burning to plants
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Long lasting
  • Safe for children, pets and other living things
  • A completely odorless manure!
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Worm Castings Pickup Locations in Wisconsin

The farm where you pick up the dirt also happens to be my home. When picking up farm direct in Slinger, it usually works best if you call ahead so there will be no confusion about where to go. Plus your order will be ready. It's good to plan ahead!

Special Discounts When Shopping Farm Direct (Local Pickup Only)

No, deals this good shouldn't exist, but yes, we offer them anyway. Remember, these spectacular deals are exclusively for local pickup (kinda like one of those coupons for dine-in only, so don't get greedy on us).

Dirt Dynasty Fertilizer's Reduced Pricing:

  • Bulk Orders: $500/1 ton super sack. A single ton equals about 1.5 yards. Worm castings are an additive for soil, so for every 2 parts soil, you will only need 1 part castings. Think of truffle oil getting added to make food special - the whole stinkin' dish doesn't need to be truffle oil.
  • Smaller Bulk Orders: $300/half ton super sack
  • CALL FOR MORE DETAILS! Just dial us at (414) 531-1718 and we'll give you specific bulk rates, directions, or maybe even a little gabbing about how the Brewers season is going.

Fertilizer NPK Rating and Worm Castings (and You!)

Typical fertilizers are labeled with an NPK rating, listing the amount of Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). These numbers are based on a formula involving the molecular weight of nutrients which are immediately available for plant absorption. For example, ammonium sulfate has a 21-0-0 rating.

Worm castings contain lots of locked-in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from the veggies we feed the worms - but they have a "low" NPK rating, around 1-0-0. This is because worm poop nutrients are time-released as they're digested by bacteria. Time-released nutrients don't count towards the NPK tally.

This slow release is actually a lot healthier than pure nitrogen salts etc., which can easily burn your plants by sucking the water straight out of their cell membranes. It's a case of too much, too soon. You also won't find any beneficial bacteria hanging around in a tank of anhydrous ammonia.

DD Worm Castings Are Great for Gardening and Farming

Best Places to Buy Worm Castings for Marijuana:

*You can tell this word is important because of the asterisk

Worm castings fertilizer is ideal for home gardeners and farmers alike. Whether you're growing organic vegetables in the backyard, 20 acres of CSA vegetables, or a greenhouse full of medicinal marijuana, our organic worm casting fertilizer will improve your crop yield. Build long-lasting soil fertility and avoid chemical additives by growing your plants with Dirt Dynasty's organic worm castings.

As plants grow, they absorb minerals and nutrients from the soil. Years of growing seasons can deplete the ground, leading to poor dirt quality and mediocre plant growth. For our gardens and farms to continue producing, the soil must be replenished.

Dirt Dynasty is located in Slinger, Wisconsin, where we produce bag after bag of the world's best organic fertilizer. We're constantly tinkering with how we produce our worm castings to give better and purer finished products ready to make your plants grow. When you buy from Dirt Dynasty, expect to receive a worm-poop-filled bag of fertilizing goodness. Your plants will love it and you will, too.

(On... the plants.)

Why Are Worm Castings So Good for Plants?

Worm castings produce bigger, more nutritious crops and healthier flowers and trees.

The primary nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and the secondary nutrients (sulfur, calcium and magnesium) are important for the structure of the plant, but they're just the minimum. Vermicompost does most of its work with beneficial microorganisms.

Microorganisms in worm castings include bacteria, algae, protozoa and fungi – these are the real stars of worm castings. These little guys actually make the soil better by making nutrients more accessible to plants and preventing them from being washed away in a heavy rain. These microbes spend most of their time killing and eating each other, keeping populations balanced and in check. Harmful bacteria can't reproduce as quickly when they're in competition with beneficial bacteria. This lowers the incidence of many plant diseases.

Worm Castings – The Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens

Dirt Dynasty's worm castings are nature's way of feeding your plants and preventing diseases. No other fertilizer, natural or chemical, compares to the benefits of worm castings. Besides the NPK and microbes, our all-natural worm castings also contain plant growth hormones known as auxins and cytokinins. Auxins stimulate plant growth, while cytokinins enhance the growth of roots and branches. When you consider the whole package, nothing else comes close.

Contact the vermicast farmers at Dirt Dynasty today for questions, comments, and bulk orders.
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