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Worm Castings Help Meet Bigger Demand in Denver

Denver Worm CastingsThe rich nutrients and plant-growing power of worm castings are making them increasingly popular in the marijuana growing business. Recent legalization of marijuana has attracted growers in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Pueblo, Vail, and many others.

Successful Colorado marijuana growers report the taste of plants is of much higher quality when grown in a mix of worm castings and soil. Dirt Dynasty helps assure maximum crop yields because worm castings stimulate plant growth more than any other natural product.

Best Marijuana Fertilizer in Colorado

While some marijuana growers are experimenting with growing plants only in worm castings, most use a more economical mix of 25% castings and 75% soil. It’s the best soil mix for growing marijuana in Denver and the rest of Colorado. This solves many marijuana growing problems. When plants are more mature, many growers add a quarter inch of castings onto the soil. Purity of the castings is extremely important. NPK fertilizer from Dirt Dynasty is absolutely pure, making it one of the fastest growing worm castings fertilizers. Studies show even as little as a teaspoon will deliver excellent results, resulting in impressive growth in marijuana average yield.

Worm Castings are Safer for Marijuana Plants

Growing a crop of marijuana has a tendency to increase soil acidity. Eventually this can harm roots, which is why worm castings are the best marijuana plant fertilizer. It absolutely cannot burn the plant or harm it in any way. It’s organic fertilizer with a high pH. This keeps soil suitable for increased plant growth. Most importantly, worm castings are completely natural and contain maximum amounts of every needed marijuana growing nutrient. Many growers use worm castings tea during the vegetative and flowering stages. This protects the plants against pests and disease. When the plants are mature and about to be harvested, growers usually stop fertilizing because more foliage growth will slow the production of resin.

If a Colorado marijuana grower is having difficulty producing large-enough quantities to meet growing demand, worm castings from Dirt Dynasty will generate much stronger and higher quality crop yields.

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