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African Night Crawlers Eating DirtWorm castings are quite popular among experienced gardeners. This blog will keep you current on the latest stories, helpful how-to tips and, and anything interesting or fun.

Vermiculture may not be skyrocketing to the top of America’s consciousness, but worm farming is actually a rapidly growing agri-business. Small farmers, gardeners and landscapers all acknowledge the near-miraculous nutritional value of worm casting fertilizer. Plants grow faster and healthier – with deeper roots and greener leaves. Vegetables and fruits taste better and have more nutritional value. Overall, the world is a better place thanks to worm doo-doo.

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  • Dirt Dynasty Makes Wisconsin Headlines!

    Who Knew Getting Dirty Would Make You Famous?

    Dirt Dynasty was recently given a write-up in the West Bend Daily News. Check out the article below, or open the printable version here: WestBendDailyNews-DirtDyn.pdf. We're kidding about being famous though. Reality is, Dirt Dynasty fights on behalf of farmers and gardeners who run small businesses just like ours. Check out the article for a more in-depth look at who we are.<…

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  • 7 Ways to Keep Plants Healthy in Winter

    Best Tips for Winter Houseplant Care

    Healthy Winter PlantsLike bears, houseplants tend to become dormant in the winter. They need less water, less fertilizer, and less all-around care if their conditions are right and you follow a few basic rules to keep them happy. Who says you can't do any Read Diary Entry

  • Dirt Dynasty Shipping Updates

    Good news for home gardeners and fellow plant lovers: 1-day shipping in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas is completely affordable and will have you fully supplied to nourish your plants fast. Dirt Dynasty’s 100% pure worm castings are completely organic and perfect for taking care of your plants as you begin to bring them indoors for the winter. Give us a ring or order online to stock up on nutritious vermicompost for your houseplants and to prepare your outdoor perennials for the changing sea…

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  • Is Our Worm Dirt the Best in Wisconsin?

    Local Worms on Local Terms    

    Worm dirt produced in Slinger, WIThe best way to stimulate, maintain, and grow a local economy is to build up a business from the ground it stands on. Working for local folks to maint…

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  • Aerated Worm Tea: the Super Fertilizer

    Worms make the best known fertilizer on earth. That’s a fact. Humans can’t make anything to beat out what Mother Nature offers in the fertilizer market, so we don’t even try. We’re farmers – worm farmers – and when we harvest our crop, we allow traditional farmers to harvest more of their crops without having to add genetically engineered whatever.

    We’ve already told you how to make worm tea using the sun brewed method. Now, let’s step th…

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  • Marijuana DUI Laws in Legal States

    We’ve all seen them, either on TV or while we were driving past a set of flashing red and blue lights.

    Drunk drivers.

    Sometimes they’re even going the wrong way on the Interstate. The officer makes whoever is behind the wheel get out of the vehicle, follow a flashlight with their eyes, walk a straight line, stand on one foot, say the alphabet—backwards—and on it goes. Authorities even make the inebriated suspect breathe into a machine that tests the person’…

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  • 160,000 Reasons Why Worms Are NOT Pests

    Marijuana smokers and granola-children are probably the last people who’d call worms disgusting pests. That’s because they know how incredibly helpful worms are to our ecosystems. Without worms, society wouldn’t exist as we know it today. Soil quality would be horrible all over the world—with the exception of soil very proximal to water sources, maybe. For the most part, worms and their excrements are the fertilizer of the entire food chain.

    Dirt Dynasty has approximatel…

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  • Why Earthworms ARE Good for Your Garden

    Earthworms are good for gardenersIt’s awful when your dog has worms. It’s frustrating when the fish end up with all your worms. But it’s downright wonderful when your garden has worms!

    No doubt about it! If your garden is crawling with w…

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  • 10 Reasons Why Worm Castings Rule

    Nature’s Best 100% Organic, Chemical-Free Fertilizer      

    You hear about organic this and organic that just about everywhere. From organic coffee to start your day to organic cotton bed sheets when you lie down to sleep, it seems like everywhere you turn there’s an organic alternative.

    For anyone into gardening, the whole idea of an organic fertilizer is pretty darned appealing. No freaky artificial hormones, no pesticides, no corrosive chemi…

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