Worm Castings FAQ

There's plenty of people out there wondering this exact question: who buys worm castings?

We'll start with the long answer first. Worm castings are purchased by men and women who want to reap the benefits of all-natural, chemical-free fertilizer, starting in their own backyard. While we do get massive, multi-ton order requests from all over the U.S. (particularly in states where legal marijuana growers are located, such as Colorado and Washington), much of our business comes from local families working on their own private gardens. Anyone who's ever tried growing a few vegetables in their backyard knows it isn't easy to harvest beautiful, tasty crops you'll be dying to pluck right off the vine.

Many times someone new to the idea of vermicomposting will be given a 1 lb "tester" bag of our organic worm castings, then try it out on a little plant at home. The success of this experiment turns into them ordering a 20 lb bag, which becomes an order of several bags, which eventually leads to them quitting their day job to start their own farm (OK, this last part hasn't happened yet, but it easily could...and when it does, we'll be here to sell you that first 2,000 lb order which will get you started!).

Now for the short answer of who buys worm castings? Smart people.

Ah, here's another question enthusiastic gardeners love typing into their beloved search engines: where can I buy worm castings? Obviously (or maybe not so obviously) you can buy them right here on this website! (But seriously, let us know if this fact isn't obvious enough so we can crack the whip at our web developer.)

Truth is, not a whole lot of people out there produce and sell worm castings. In fact, that's much of the reason why we started Dirt Dynasty. Aside from seeing a successful business idea (God bless America!) we actually held the goal of making sure horticulturalists like us, along with farmers and gardeners everywhere, can affordably access nothing but the best organic, chemical-free fertilizer in the nation, then use it however they see fit.

We repeat: you can buy worm castings right here from Dirt Dynasty. We offer affordable 20 lb sacks, shipped to all 50 states - we even ship internationally. If you're in the market for more than just a few pounds (say, a few tons) either send our worm farmers a quick form or give us a call at the number listed somewhere above (we don't recall where exactly the web developer placed it - eh, just in case, here it is again: 414-531-1718).

Several gardeners, farmers, and other horticultural enthusiasts out there are on the hunt for the best deal and readily look for "cheap" bulk worm castings. In our case, bulk worm castings from Dirt Dynasty aren't cheap, only the price is (our castings are the highest quality fertilizer you'll find). Right now we're offering bulk worm castings at a discounted Super Sacks rate of only $500 for one ton.

African Night Crawlers, or Eudrilus Eugeniae as they are known in the textbooks. African Night Crawlers are voracious feeders and grow and reproduce quickly making them great for farming! Plus, who else can say they use a genus of worms that sounds like an X-Men character?

Yes! Our worms are also for sale, when we have some to spare. Worms can easily survive shipping within the United States, but we caution against international shipping. One advantage of our worms is that they do not need to be refrigerated. Perfect for summer fishing trips!  Please call for details.

Gladly. We will work with you to find the most cost-effective shipping method. Be aware that large bulk orders may be delayed by customs.

We do not stamp our bags with an expiration date, but if you don’t plan to use them immediately you should store them in an air-tight container. This will keep them from drying out – which reduces their ability to retain water in the soil. Stored in this manner, they should be fine for about a year.

But you’re not going to wait that long to use them. You’re going to get them on your plants as soon as possible because you’re a skeptic and want to see if they actually live up to all the hype. When they do, you’re going to be a proud proselytizer of worm poop!


Chemicals are made in labs, and may seem to accomplish what you desire horticulturally…but Mother Nature sometimes has the best solution already worked out on her own. Organic, healthy plants come from organic, healthy soil, tended by our little slimy caretakers.

Aristotle referred to worms as “the intestines of the world”. Even after a couple thousand years, he is still absolutely right. On a daily basis, their digestion process benefits every person on the planet.

Astonishingly, worms consume half of their body weight per day. That means one pound of worms can consume a half-pound of organic waste every day. This organic waste – your apple cores, coffee grounds, and bread crusts – will become some of the nicest “black gold” compost available to farmers and gardeners.

One University of Georgia study discovered that plants fertilized with worm castings saw a 126% higher growth rate than those treated with chemical fertilizers. Another study from the University of North Carolina shows that as little as a 20% concentration of vermicompost mix in the soil can significantly ward off harmful caterpillar and aphid damage.

Synthetic fertilizers may burn your plants and are subject to human error even when properly made. Earthworms, on the other hand, have been doing what they do since long before Aristotle.

Now that’s experience you can trust!

No. Worm castings do not smell anything like manure. Our fertilizer does smell like rich, earthy soil...although most gardeners and farmers enjoy that smell, don't they? At least we do.

You can’t use too much. It’s easy to spread around and make the most of, but it is completely non-toxic and you cannot harm your plants by overdoing it. Just make sure, as always, your plants, soil, and vermicompost stay properly hydrated!

If your kids or pets get covered in worm castings, then you better grab a garden hose, because they just got dirty. But that’s it. There are no harmful components or by-products of worm castings. So breathe a sigh of relief...and maybe even grab a beer, eh?

Ah, you must have just started using our 100% organic fertilizer yesterday. Be patient, dear customer. Your plants will look better than if you used synthetic fertilizer or no fertilizer at all. Vermicompost stimulates flowering and fruit growth, larger harvests, and you will see less evidence of pests and disease as they are eliminated naturally. It's working all right. Just you wait!

  • Germination: use 20 – 30 % worm castings with sand as an excellent germination mix. It will also ensure continuous and lush growth for about three months, without having to add any other plant food.
  • Soil Conditioning: if your soil seems barren, add a layer of worm castings and give it some water, you will be surprised at the growth of your first season plants.
  • As Liquid Fertilizer / “Worm Tea”: This liquid mix can be used as a leaf folate spray. It also helps to control insects. Many people prefer this application method. Check out our Worm Poop Diary entry Aerated Worm Tea to see how to make this super fertilizer.

Oh snap! Contact our vermicompost experts to ask your own questions. How do you think all these existing questions got on here? From people like you!

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