Wherever You Need Our Vermicast Fertilizer

Our vermicast fertilizer does for plants what spinach does for Popeye. Seriously, if Dirt Dynasty were a cartoon, our worm castings are what would make the good plants grow muscles and beat up the bad plants. Now that we’ve established how fantastic our soil is, you’re wondering where we ship it to, right?

The answer is simple: we’ll ship however much you need, anywhere in the United States. Oregon, Colorado, Washington - you name it. Need your order outside the US? Our guys will find a way to ship our worm castings to you in your country too. We produce this stuff by the ton-worth, on a daily basis!

So what’s that? You need 10 cubic yards by next Wednesday? Drop us a simple line, and we'll hook you up with a sweet discounted rate for buying in bulk. You're a farmer, and we're the best fertilizer supplier for you.

Contact us already for a well-priced quote on buying vermicast fertilizer by the ton.

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