Spokane, Washington Helps Relieve Environmental Stress


Washington Marijuana FertilizerThe state of Washington has one of the nation’s most active groups of people interested in organic eating and healthy living. At Dirt Dynasty, we can’t think of anything more organic or healthy for our lives than worm poop (worm castings). Called vermicompost by the industry, worm poop is Mother Nature’s gift to us.

Natural Fertilizer Benefits All

Some places do not have fertile enough dirt to grow and harvest a sustainable amount of delicious, healthy, pesticide-free produce. Sprinkling as little as one-quarter inch of vermicompost over the top layer of your garden or farm’s soil is enough to increase your plants’ size and health by a substantial amount, and should feed it for two months. No more dead land. Also, the need for pesticides and other harsh chemicals, such as the ones found in synthetic fertilizers, is eliminated. Take that money. Spend it somewhere else.

Pot farmers, this one is for you, too. Your crop yield can increase anywhere from 20-55% within just one full harvest cycle. If you want, you can then invest that back into your production, increasing your crop yield for future harvests. Your plants will be resistant to attacks from pesky bugs, due to the plants’ production of chitinase, something that destroys bugs’ exoskeletons.

With so many benefits in multiple niche markets, worm poop truly does benefit all. It feeds back into Earth, which feeds back into us, which feeds back into the land, etc. It’s a win/win/win.

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