Organic Vermicompost Makes Vegetables Healthy and Delicious

Worm Casting Fertilizer for Growing Better Vegetables

Worm castings are the richest natural NPK fertilizer on the planet. Everything in the garden grows bigger, faster and better with vermicompost. They also improve water retention in the soil and help prevent root disease. Worm castings are the original “green” fertilizer – all natural, non-toxic, and safe for humans and the environment.

Remember when a tomato was bright red, juicy inside, and bursting with tomato flavor? We do. Unfortunately, too many Americans no longer know what a real tomato or a real anything else tastes like anymore. Chalk that up to mega-farming and the depletion of nutrients and trace minerals in the soil.

Dirt Dynasty helps America’s farms and gardens explode with big, juicy tomatoes, scrumptiously crisp cucumbers, sweet carrots, and every other vegetable that once used to have an honored place on America’s dinner table. It’s why we work so hard at Dirt Dynasty to bring you nature’s best NPK fertilizer – pure, organic worm castings from our wiggly little friends.

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Vermicast Fertilizer Provides Lasting Plant Nutrition

One of the great things about worm castings is the way they gradually release nutrients into the soil, providing nourishment for plants for approximately two months. This nourishment process is due to a thin layer of oil on worm castings, which is added by the worm’s digestive process. While the nutrients in worm castings are available to plants immediately, more will be slowly released as the oily coating erodes over time.

Organic Worm Castings: Vegetable Gardens Never Had It So Good

Vermicast Gardener Harvesting Organic CarrotsUsing vermicompost is so easy, so safe, and so effective it almost feels like cheating. Even beginner gardeners get great results just by spreading worm castings around their vegetable plants.

Worm castings are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as trace minerals and natural plant growth hormones, and they provide readily available nutrients to growing plants. Chemical fertilizers and manure, on the other hand, have to be broken down in the soil before they can be absorbed by plant roots. Plus, they tend to smell pretty awful and require special care in handling. As a chemical-free fertilizer, our worm castings are all natural, non-toxic and completely odorless.

Another great thing about worm castings fertilizer: There is no way to mess up with them. Unlike chemical fertilizers, you can’t over-fertilize and there is no risk of the castings burning your plants. You will reach a point of diminishing returns, of course, so don’t go crazy and dump all your castings on one small area. Spread it around. Or dissolve them in water to make worm castings tea.

How to Apply Worm Castings Fertilizer In the Garden

When you first transplant or start a seed in the ground, add about a teaspoon of worm castings to the hole. This gives seedlings a good start on their root structure and helps ward the plant ward off pests and diseases. Once your plants are above ground, you can keep it as simple as sprinkling a ¼” layer of castings around the base of your vegetables. This will feed your plants for 2 to 3 months. Many gardeners find that mixing worm castings with compost is a cost-effective and highly effective way to maximize the benefits of the castings. Most gardeners use a ratio of 25% castings to 75% compost. You can also substitute mulch for the compost.

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